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Field Addresses and Status|San Francisco Youth Soccer
Providing a listing of identified Locations, when Browser and System are identified

Action Icons

reset Reset to default criteria
save Save the displayed criteria to your Profile (must be logged on)
map Map the displayed Locations
googlemaps Google map of this Location
openstreetmap Open Street Map of this Location
drive Google directions from your Profile address to this Location (must be logged on)

Other icons

Hover your mouse over these icons for more information.
match This Location is used for Matches
practice This Location is used for Practices
notes Notes regarding this Location
weather This location has a weather related note. Hover to read or click the hyperlinked key number.

Location Details

Every piece of grass or turf has a name and number. Because we share data with other databases, we need to map or correlate our field numbers with their field numbers.
sfystimeslots is field number in this website.
ridgestar is the the field number used when transferring data among RidgeStar affiliated websites.
gotsoccer is the field number(s) of this field defined in the GotSoccer software

Locations vs. Fields

A Location is a complex with one or more Fields. Example = Crocker Amazon
A Field is a uniquely identifiable portion of a Location. Example = Crocker Amazon #2 A/B