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Field Addresses and Status |San Francisco Youth Soccer

San Francisco Youth Soccer: TimeSlots is managed by a set of people doing their best to optimize the usage of Fields in our general area. They are:

SF Rec & ParksJeff Choyjeff.choy@sfgov.orgWork:
Competitive ProgramsDavid Reardoninfo@sfyouthsoccer.comWork: (415) 504-8131
Recreational ProgramsDavid Reardoninfo@sfyouthsoccer.comWork: (415) 504-8131
WebmasterJohn Shieldwebmaster@pensra.orgHome:
If you have a need to contact one of the people, we would like to encourage you to make use of Email instead of the telephone. While the Phone is great for certain things, it is generally much easier to manage your request via Email. Thanks.