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Please set the criteriacriteria for the Matches that you would like to list and click "Show". You can also view the detail for any MatchMatch by clicking on the numeric value you'll see in the "Match" column of the Results List.

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The following Matches meet the criteria you have set. You can see the detail associated with a specific Match by clicking on the Match Number (that's the number in the "Match" column) in the same row as the entry you are interested in.

104989/26/2021SunNorCal PremierGirls UniteGU12Girls Unite Energy v...
106049/26/2021SunNorCal NPLSF United FCBU13 SF United B09 Selec...
108329/26/2021SunNorCal PremierSF Vikings Soccer ClubGU16SFVSC G06 Valkyries ...
108969/26/2021SunMLS NextSF Glens EvolutionBU16SF Glens Academy 06B...
107209/26/2021Sun9:00 amNorCal PremierSF AftershocksGU17SF Aftershocks 05G B...
106349/26/2021Sun9:00 amNorCal NPLSF Elite AcademyGU19SFEA 2003-04G Blue v...
106379/26/2021Sun9:00 amNorCal PremierSF Elite AcademyGU19SFEA 200304G Orange ...
104399/26/2021Sun9:00 amNorCal PremierSF United FCBU11 SF United B11 Centr...
106999/26/2021Sun10:15 amNorCal NPLSF Glens EvolutionBU12 SF Glens Academy 10...
106429/26/2021Sun10:45 amNorCal NPLSF Elite AcademyGU17SFEA 2005G Blue vs M...
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Locations vs. Fields

A Location is a complex with one or more Fields. Example = Crocker Amazon
A Field is a uniquely identifiable portion of a Location. Example = Crocker Amazon #2 A/B