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Field Addresses and Status |San Francisco Youth Soccer

You can look up a subset of the playing Locations we use by specifying the information you know about the LocationTerm and clicking "Show". If you would like to see the details associated with a specific Location, click on the numeric value you see in the "Key" column.

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54NotesBalboa High SchoolSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
26Beach Chalet ParkSan Francisco Match Practice12FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
27Boxer StadiumSan Francisco Match1FieldUnknownUnknownGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
53NotesBurton High SchoolSan Francisco Match1FieldUnknownUnknownGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
77City College of San FranciscoSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
28Crocker AmazonSan Francisco Match Practice11FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
48Fort Scott (Presidio)San Francisco Match4FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
29Franklin Square ParkSan Francisco Match3FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
30Garfield ParkSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
47Grattan PlaygroundSan Francisco Match2FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
32NotesKezar StadiumSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
46NotesKimbell PlaygroundSan Francisco Match4FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
49Larsen ParkSan Francisco Match2FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
50Lowell High SchoolSan Francisco Match4FieldUnknownUnknownGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
34McCoppin SquareSan Francisco Match2FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
75Minnie and Lovie Ward Recreation CenterSan Francisco Match Practice7FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
72Mission PlaygroundSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
35Morton Street FieldSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
76Negoesco Stadium USFSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
51NotesO'Connell High SchoolSan Francisco Match1FieldUnknownUnknownGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
74Palega Park and Recreation CenterSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
37Parkside (San Francisco)San Francisco Match3FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
38Paul Goode FieldSan Francisco Match3FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
39NotesPolo Fields, Golden Gate ParkSan Francisco Match11FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
52Rossi PlaygroundSan Francisco Match2FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
64Saint IgnatiusSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
78NotesSchool of the ArtsSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
40Silver Terrace ParkSan Francisco Match3FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
41South Sunset ParkSan Francisco Match3FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
42Sutter ParkSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
55NotesThurgood Marshall High SchoolSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
45NotesTreasure Island Field ComplexSan Francisco Match4FieldUnknownUnknownGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
68Washington High SchoolSan Francisco Match2FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
43NotesWest Sunset FieldSan Francisco Match4FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
44Youngblood Coleman PlaygroundSan Francisco Match1FieldOpenOpenGoogleMaps OpenStreetMap
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Location Details

Every piece of grass or turf has a name and number. Because we share data with other databases, we need to map or correlate our field numbers with their field numbers.
sfystimeslots is field number in this website.
ridgestar is the the field number used when transferring data among RidgeStar affiliated websites.
gotsoccer is the field number(s) of this field defined in the GotSoccer software

Locations vs. Fields

A Location is a complex with one or more Fields. Example = Crocker Amazon
A Field is a uniquely identifiable portion of a Location. Example = Crocker Amazon #2 A/B