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Welcome to SFYS TimeSlots .

A brief introduction to the key things you'll need to know to use this website. is an evolving project. Read what you see on the Site and follow your intuition.

Each of the most important (top level) portions of the site is called a Segment and is a grouping of functions by Role. Look at the Table of Contents (that's what you'll see at the left of this page). Information, Services, and Logon are examples of Segments. Other Segments/Role include TeamStaff?
We use a wide variety of Symbols (icon like elements) on the various pages to represent characteristics, to imply purpose, or to invoke a specific action. Make sure you look over the defined Symbols and familiarize yourself with them (honest, it will help you make use of the site more quickly).
Often you can query (ask for data) from the website. You can filter which data you want to see by establishing criteria. Sometimes there are a lot of possible criteria and you choose which columns are displayed by checked . Filtering and displaying are independent - i.e. you can filter on gender but not display gender in the Results List.

On the pages that display data, you can save criteria for the next time you visit the website by clicking save after you have clicked "Show". You can reset to default criteria by clicking reset]
Results List
The Site is going to produce a fair number of lists of things (we call them Results Lists and they are the result of a query of some sort). The key thing to know is that you obtain more detail about a List element by clicking on the hyperlinked Key (usually a numeric value) that will appear in the first column of the Results List. Make sure and look over the discussion of the Results List-> to get a little more detail on this.
Those web form buttons you'll see at the bottom of most input forms are what we call Actions. They always mean "Perform the action named on the button". So...make sure you mean what the button says when you click it (yes, Delete means delete, Update means update, etc....) smile
Finally (so we won't go on and on and ...), you'll need to know that there are quite a few Terms that are used on the site. It is important that you understand what they mean, so have a look at the Terminology page. It should help you interpret what you find on the site (we hope!!!).

There's a lot more we could reference, but .... the best way is to explore yourself.

updated: May 26, 2016