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Guide to SymbolsPrintable

Throughout the website there are a number of symbols that allow for one-click functions. If you find a symbol or icon not listed here, please tell the webmaster .


These symbols appear adjacent to User names in the Directory and via Manage:Users to give an indication of what Roles these individuals have.

Administrator Administrator
ClubOfficer Club Officer
Teamstaff TeamStaff
Citystaff City Staff
Staff SFYS Staff


These symbols appear adjacent to the Show button or in the Action column.

pdf Generate a pdf
download Generate a CSV (commas separated value) spreadsheet file of the selected data
printable Remove the headers, table of contents and footers to make a screen that is more compatible with printing.
add Add another data entry to this table
reset Change or reset the personal criteria for this query.
save Save the criteria as yours. See the FAQ on Personal Criteria
savedefault Save the criteria as the site default
choose Click here to select this line (team, placement, club...)
checked This line or item is checked or selected.
passwordreset Send this User a new password.
delete Test if the User is linked to any other data tables.
trash Delete data
marked Confirm delete
return Change Status on a TimeSlto to "Returned to City"
returnconfirm Confirm that you want to mark the TimeSlot "Returned to City"
fieldclosed Mark the field closed
fieldopen Mark the field open
fieldTBD Mark the field TBD
fieldunknown Mark the field unknown
cancel Delete the weather note
map Create a map of the listed locations
googlemaps Google map of this location
openstreetmap Open Street Map of this location
drive Google directions to this location


These symbols appear here and there.

show Expand this area.
hide Shrink this area
expand Populate the dropdown with Users that match the fragment entered contract Shrink the dropdown to allow a fragment entry
newuser Welcome a new User
passwordreset Reset this Users password.
lock User name is locked out of the system.
term Definition of a word used on the website
help additional information
helpoff Turn off page help
close Close Page Help window
more Get more. Sometimes for more information and sometimes for more functionality
going go to an outside link not at this URL
weather There is a weather note. Hover over the icon to read the note.
notes This data record has a note. Hover over the icon to read the note.
right Display the next set of data
rightend Display the last set of data
left Display the previous set of data
leftend Display the first set of data