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Checklist to set up a new Club / change Club namePrintable

This is not a comprehensive list, but is added to as needed.

Clubs Table

  • Create the Club table entry

Users Table

  • Add ClubOfficer to the roles of Users that are ClubOfficers

Positions Table

  • Create the Positions table entries for Club Officers

TimeSlots Table

  • RidgeStar will need to add a dtsTL{...} entry. The ... has to be dclAcronym

GotSoccer Settings

  • Setting=GotSoccer.Club (Map GotSoccer Club to SFTimeSlots Club)
  • Setting=GotSoccer.ClubAccount (Map SFTimeSlot Club to GotSoccer ClubAccount)
  • Setting=GotSoccer.Fields (Map GotSoccer Field Numbers to SFTimeSlots Field Keys)
  • Setting=GotSoccer.Event (See FAQs involving uploading matches from GotSoccer)

Created August 8, 2019