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What are the 'Roles' for our Club?Printable

Everyone that has a Site Name is User on the website. Different Users can have different Roles. Each Role has a Segment. In each Segment the User with that Role has access to view, enter, edit or delete different parts of the database. Segment refers to a part of the website accessed via the Table of Contents boxes on the left edge of the page. There are many different Segments; Users can only see/access those segments associated with their Role. Some Segments are Public, meaning that they are available to all visitors to the website.

Here is a rundown of some of these Roles.

Access to the ClubOfficer Segment. Tell the webmaster your ClubOfficers and their Titles. Also gets listed in the Clubs Segment.
Access to the Staff Segment. Limited to paid SFYS personnel. Can edit Matches and TimeSlots.
Access to the TeamStaff Segment. Can select matches from their team(s) for SelfSchedule.

Okay, I'm the Club President, How do I get all the volunteers in my Club to have these Roles?

Initially, (meaning now) these Roles are set by SFYS Staff. Contact Staff and indicate who you want to have what Role in your Club. These people must already be a User in the database before they can be given Roles.