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The Playing League Scheduler (SFYS for Recreational Games, NorCal for NorCal Premier Matches, CYSA for CCSL matches) is responsible to establish the pairings and suggested playing date for the League. These matches are typically published in Affinity or GotSoccer software. SFYS Staff will input the Matches and the Team Names for the season.

It is the responsibility of the Home Team to enter the Field, Date, and Time for each Match. This can be done by the Club Scheduler or by a TeamStaff for the Home Team.

Clubs Use the SFYS TimeSlots Website to allocate their Fields for Matches. This is done via TimeSlots

Editing a Match TimeSlots Mechanism

Via the Coach or Manager segments, click on Matches. A list of all of your team's Matches will be displayed.

In the Match there is a datafield called TimeSlotsClub. If TimeSlotsClulb is not empty, the Match WILL use the TimeSlots Mechanism. This means that instead of entering a Date, Time and Field you enter a Date and click Update. Then all the available TimeSlots for that Date will be listed in a pulldown.

Typically TimeSlots are uploaded before the start of the season. A TimeSlot consists of a Date, StartTime, EndTime, and Field. TimeSlots are associated with a specific Club - for example the Palo Alto Soccer Club. In order for a TimeSlot to be available for a specific Match:

  • The TimeSlot Status=Available and Method =SelfSchedule and Use=Match
  • The TimeSlot Status=Available
  • The TimeSlot Method =SelfSchedule
  • The TimeSlot Type=Match
  • The TimeSlot Level is the same as the Match
  • The Team Priority equals or exceeds the TimeSlot's Priority