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How to find a GotSoccer TeamID Number?Printable

GotSoccer Team ID numbers are stored with the Team information to facilitate coordination of schedules between GotSoccer Events and the SFYS:TimeSlots Matches table.

Easiest way to find the GotSoccer Team ID Number

  1. Use GotSoccer-Load to find a Match involving the Team in question
  2. Look in the HomeId or AwayId column

Another way to find the GotSoccer Team ID Number

  1. Go to . Click on "Club Directory" .
  2. Filter by State and Search by Club Name. Click on Search.
  3. Click on the desired Club hyperlink.
  4. Click on the desired Team hyperlink.
  5. Note the Team ID number. -- You can ignore leading zeros.
  6. Enter the TeamID via TeamStaff:Manage-Team or ClubOfficer:Manage-Team
  7. NOTE: GotSoccer does NOT display Teams that are U11 or younger on the Club page. See alternatives below.

Other ways to find the GotSoccer Team ID Number

  • If the team has been scheduled in a GotSoccer Event, individuals with Club Scheduler access to the GotSoccer database can download the schedule in a CSV (actually HTML) format and one of the data columns is TeamID. Find a match involving the desired team.

Updated 3/6/16