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How to increment TimesSlots Priority?Printable

In order for a Team to schedule a Match via the TimeSlots mechanism, the Team's Priority must be equal or greater than the TimeSlots Priority.

TimeSlots Priority is used to see which TimeSlots are available to which Teams. The Staff can set each Team's Priority via Staff:Manage-Teams. Staff can set each TimeSlot's Priority. When teams are anxiously trying to schedule matches, the Staff can control which Teams can use which TimeSlots. When Staff wants to give more Teams access to more TimeSlots, the Staff can list the desired TimeSlots and decrement the necessary Priority on the listed TimeSlots by clicking on the down icon in the Criteria Box at Staff:Manage-TimeSlots.

  1. Go to Scheduler:Manage-TimeSlots
  2. Adjust the criteria to reflect the TimeSlots of interest. Use Date range and Status=Available if you wish. Make sure that Club= {Your Club}. Use Sort of Date,Field,Time
  3. Click on Show
  4. Click on down The Priority of the displayed TimeSlots will be decreased by one.