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How to see available TimeSlots?Printable

Some Teams belong to Clubs that have opted to use 'TimeSlots'. San Francisco Youth Soccer and these Clubs enter available field times, dates and locations for Matches and/or Practices. ClubOfficers and TeamStaff then can select an available TimeSlot for their home Matches/Practices.

How to View available TimeSlots

  1. Go to ClubOfficer:FieldUsage or TeamStaff:FieldUsage
  2. Set the Criteria you are interested in seeing.

    Typical are Date, Club, Age. You can use a Fragment of the name in the Field input box. (i.e. 'May' for :'Mayfield'). In the Date box you can enter a date in the MM/DD/YYYY format or descriptive terms like 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'Next Saturday', 'Last Sunday'.

  3. Click Show.

    A bar graph appears depicting Available, Reserved and Returned TimeSlots. With many desktop browsers, you can hover your mouse over a portion of the bar graph and get details regarding the selected TimeSlot.

You can use the Personal Criteria on this page so that every time you revisit the page your desired criteria are pre-loaded.

You can move the displayed TimeSlots forward or backward in date via the arrows at the bottom of the displayed TimeSlots. Use the right1 and left1 icons to increment or decrement the date. Use seekright or seekleft to move the date a week at a time.

Updated 6/2/2016