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How do I Opt In / Opt Out of Subscriptions and Notifications?Printable

Subscription Lists

Staff and ClubOfficers can broadcast messages to a subset of Users. They do so by sending these messages to a List. You can choose which Lists you want to receive and where you want the messages to go. The current Lists (May 2106) are:

  • Announcements
    Meetings, membership, elections, policy updates, rules, schedules, etc.
Go to Services:Subscriptions to control your subscriptions..


When specified data elements are changed, a Notification is sent to impacted individuals. Notifications are by design terse - better suited for being sent to mobile devices. The current Notifications (May 2016) are:

  • Staff.MatchChange
    Notifies the TeamStaff when one of their matches is changed.
  • ClubOfficer.MatchChange
    Notifies the ClubOfficer when one of their matches is changed.
  • TeamStaff.MatchChange
    Notifies the TeamStaff when one of their matches is changed.
  • Administrator.Audit
    Notifies the Administrator when any of these datafields are changed: dusCellular
  • Administrator.MessageNotice
    Notifies the Administrator when a processing error is encountered.
Go to Services:Profile-Messaging to control your Notifications..

Alerts via RSS Feed

You can also subscribe to an rss RSS feed of the Alerts sent to you. See the FAQ