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How to Use Manage-TablesPrintable

When you go to Manage-Table you will see a Results List showing the data Records (Teams, Users, TimeSlots, Topics, Positions, etc.). You can filter the Results List with criteria. There might be a criteria box (when there are a lot of choices) or places you can add criteria at the top of each column. Depending on the type of data you can add criteria either as

  • Fragments - Type in part of the search term. "John" will return both "John Smith" and "Bill Johnson"
  • Pulldowns - where you can click on one of several choices
  • Comparator boxes - where you can enter greater than or less than and an integer

Then click "Show"

There are Action icons as part of the criteria.

resetdefault The first symbol resets the search criteria to the default values established for the Site. Typically the Site default values are as broad as possible, because it is easier for Users to understand winnowing down search results than for people to understand that limited results are due to a restriction.

save The second symbol sets any Search criteria for this page as the Default for you. Meaning that when you come back to this page in the future the criteria that you selected will again be selected. You actually need to run the search first, by clicking on 'Show' before saving your criteria.

add The third symbol allows you to add records to this table.

add Adding a Record

You can add a new Record (Team, User, etc) by clicking on the Add Icon. Some of the data will require entry via the keyboard. Some of the data will be selected via pull down menus. Some of the pull down menus will be restricted by expand arrows. See Selecting a Person FAQ.

Editing a Record

To edit an existing record click on the hyperlinked number in the first column of the record you are interested in. Make any changes you wish and then click 'Update'. (No 'Update' no changes are made.)

Copying a Record

Copying an existing record can be powerful and confusing. To help understand how this works, watch the Key# on the very first line of the record you are editing. When you hit 'Copy' this Key# changes. Even though the data is the same, there is another record now with the same data. You can now change the data and save it by clicking on 'Update'.

The data in the first or original record has not changed. The data in the copied record is not saved if you do not hit 'Update'.

Using Copy can speed up data entry, because the new record is populated with all the information from the original record, so you only need to change what is different. However, Copy can be confusing, as sometimes you forget to click Copy or sometimes you forget to click Update at the right times. The computer does exactly what it is told to do, not what you wanted it to do. Trust me - I've made this mistake too often.


Sometimes you will be permitted to see data but not edit that data ("read-only" mode). If you see the "Update" or "Copy" button you are allowed to edit data. Data presented with a gray background is typically read-only.