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How does selecting a person from a dropdown work?Printable

Most people have JavaNames checked in their Profile. However some browsers or devices do not support JavaNames. In that case there is a pulldown method described here.

On many forms on this website authorized Users can select a User from among other Users.

For example:
Staff can add a TeamStaff to a Team.

To do this the authorized User has a modified pulldown box. To minimize the amount of data being sent to YOUR desktop, which could significantly slow down your surfing experience, the modified pulldown boxes can be Expanded and Eliminated.

expand You can recognize these boxes because the have the Expand symbol immediately to the left of the box.

If an individual has already been entered into the database for this particular spot, their name will be to the left of the Expand symbol.

So what are the gory details?

First, enter the first few characters of the last name in the box. For example, type in 'Smi' if you were looking for an individual with the last name 'Smith'.

Then click on the Expand symbol expand

The site will now change the box to a pulldown box. You will have the option of 'blank' or no one (default) or all the appropriate individuals (Coaches, Players, Managers, Parents, etc) whose last name matches the first characters that you specificed. In our example, you might see

a blank line followed by
Smith, Albert and then
Smith, Jerry followed by
Smithers, Carol

If you choose initial last name characters that do not match anyone in the database, the box will become a pulldown but shrink to only a few characters wide.

If you enter no characters, the pulldown will have all people in the database with the appropriate Role.

contract Select the individual you want and click Eliminate Pulldown symbol (or click on Update).

Oh Oh, What if I put in the wrong name?

contract To get out of the pulldown box and start over, you need to click on the Eliminate Pulldown symbol to the right of the pulldown box.

Start over to find the right Coach, Player, Parent or Manager.

What about if I want to drop or remove a name?

Simple. Expand to the pull down box. At the very top among the selections will be a blank space. Select the blank space and hit Update.