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In a User's Profile, their Roles are selected. The Roles give these Users access to a different segments of the Site. The Positions Table further defines where or what the User can interact within a segment.

The Positions Table has entries for:

Examples include ClubOfficer, Staff.
Any User in the database can be selected JavaNames fragment User selection process orthe expand and contract buttons (when JavaNames is off). There is no restriction by Role.
Currently this is for information purposes only and no logic is based on the Title.
Within Grouping restrictions can be placed regarding Level, Gender, Club, etc.,

Example Type=Staff

This listing is populated by Type=Staff and Grouping=Class. A User can be added in the Positions Table as a Staff, but not have access to the Staff segment. To get to the Staff segment the User must have a Role=Staff.

Example Type=ClubOfficer

When a User has the Role of ClubOfficer they have a default no edit access to these Segments. To give edit access to portions of the database all Users with these Roles should also have Position Table entries. The Type=ClubOfficer. The Title doesn't matter. The Grouping entries then restrict which Matches (for ClubOfficer) the Positions Table User can modify. It is most common to restrict by Club, but it could be made for an ClubOfficer to be responsible for only Boys matches.

Users with these Roles should also have Position Table entries.


For Staff appearing in the Information segment, the order that the entries appear can be set by the Sequence in the Positions Table. That is how you make the President appear at the top.