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Why Add Matches?

Clubs or Teams may want field space and referees for Friendlies, League matches, tournament matches etc. The match must be listed in TimeSlots.SFYS and Pensra. Only SFYS Staff can add Matches to the database.

  • Directly to the Pensra database
    Follow the directions below.

How to add games?

Go to Client:Manage-Matches. There are two ways to add a Match:

  1. Copy an existing Match. Find a match with NO referees already assigned. Click on the 'Copy' command. Change the match details and hit 'Update'. Copy first then Update.
  2. Click on the add icon for 'New Match'. Enter all the pertinent Match data. Click 'Update'.

Terribly Important

  • You must include all the Required data. For example:Date, Time and Field. For a complete list of the required data and a description of each datafield see Column Headings in How to Upload Matches
  • If you do not select Rank or Methods, they will be set from defined defaults.
  • Carefully choose your data. A mistake in PlayingLeague or Club will propagate through the database. A mistake or missing piece of data will impact a feature somewhere.
  • It is difficult, but not impossible, to manually add the Source and SourceKey to coordinate your match with GotSoccer. Seek assistance from the Webmaster.

Adding many Matches

The website has the capability to bulk upload matches from CSV files. CSV means comma separated values and this type of file can be exported from most spreadsheet programs (Microsoft Excel). See the FAQ How to Upload Matches

Check your work.

Matches should be visible immediately upon clicking 'Update'. Check to see if the added match appears where you expect it to.

Updated 6/2/16