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Send messages to a subset of the Users of the website. Per internet standards, Users get to specify where and whether they want these messages. Broadcast is a "opt-in" means of communication. This website does not send unsolicited messages.


Email is not an appropriate means to send time sensitive or verifiable communications. Some fraction of email messages are "lost" or "delayed". There is no way to know if the recipient of an email message actually got the information sent.

The RidgeStar email servers detect and delete over 50% of the email traffic as SPAM. Ascertaining which messages to retain and which to delete involves evolving algorithms.

The webmaster estimates that 1 to 5% of "legitimate" emails are never sent, delivered or read by the intended recipient.

Broadcast Criteria

Select a radio button:

  • Position - Example: send to all the Club Presidents
  • Matches - Example: send to the teams playing this weekend at the Polo Fields
  • Roll - Example: send to all TeamStaff that have never logged on. Use
  • Team - Example: send to TeamStaff for B U10 teams

multiple Click to be able to select more than one choice in the pulldown.


  • Send. After you click "Show" you can select or deselect indvidual targeted recipients of your message. Send=ON defaults to send to all recipients. Send=OFF defaults to not send to all recipeints.
  • Choose file - if you find yourself sending the same message week after week, you can store that message somewhere on your computer and recall it here.
  • From - you can choose which email address in your profile is displayed as the source of the Broadcast
  • For - There can be multiple subscription lists. Users can choose which subscription lists they want to get on which device. Senders designate which subscription list they are sending to.
  • For time period - designates how long the sent message will be kept on the SFYS website for Users to reference.


reset Click on reset to return to site or software defaults.
save You can establish personal defaults by clicking after clicking "Show".
Click "Show" to see who your message will be sent to.


See the list of recipients. In the Send Column you can Checked to select or deselect individuals. Click "Send" to Broadcast your message.