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Null, zero and empty in fragment boxesPrintable

Data cells with nothing in them

Apparently in the database world a datafield can be 'null', 'zero' or 'empty' and these are DIFFERENT! For the non-database orientated person the differences can lead to confusion. The classic situation is that you want to do a query via Manage-something to find the data records where a datafield is empty, blank, not filled in. For some datafields you can put in '=isnull' into the query to return records where the datafield has no data. An example (as of April 2009) is the 'Field' datafield in Manage-Matches. However, some datafields get an 'empty' value, not a 'null' value if there is no data in the datafield. An example is the Team in the Matches Table (again as of April 2009). To look for Matches where there is no Team name specified you would need to enter '=isempty' into the Team fragment box. '=isnull' and '=isempty' are not set up everywhere in all the criteria boxes. The "=" sign tells the system that you are using a reserved search string. This is established by a setting = Criteria. With this setting the character preceding a resereved fragment is specified. The current character is = .

Updated 5/5/2016