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Debug commands in the URLPrintable


Shows the Topic tag name to be allocated as a Topic to "ovveride" default text. ?debug=1,5432 will provide information on the customizable Top and Bottom PageText more->


Dumps out the gory details of all the routines calling each other and what they pass and return. It's a lot of information (thus, the syntax debug=1,{qualifier} is very useful to home in on what you're seeking). more->


Displays SQL command. SetSQL should always show you the SQL string it's about to execute. more->


Developer is something RidgeStar uses when hyperfocused on some specific task within a routine being developed. It will produce almost random sorts of output, depending on .... whatever it is that is being worked on. The developer option isn't documented because it is used almost randomly during difficult diagnostics/testing and it's unpredictable what it'll generate and when. is not recommended to try to predict why it might be used because, well, even RidgeStar is not sure at all when it might be used. It IS worthy to note that it should NOT be used for any operational purpose that a Webmaster might expect it to help with.


Properties Mode displays the common routines (the "Classes") and versions of same associated with the page you are retrieving from the Server. Clicking on the hyperlinked Class name will provide a brief summary of code maintenance activity for the selected Class. more->


Diagnose mode permits you to obtain the precise response time measurements that the RidgeStar Server is providing. We cannot (under Server control) measure your wrist watch time, but we can sure tell you how long your request sat here in our Server getting processed. more->