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Unrestricted TimeSlots 10am 8/18

Posted: Wednesday August 17th, 2016


Thursday 8/18 @ 10am restrictions by playing league will be lifted for all timeslots.

What this means: If there are timeslots open for your age group, they will appear in the dropdown on the match screen, no matter whether the original allocation was for CCSL or NorCal, etc.

However, there will still be some weekends at some age groups where there are simply more matches scheduled (currently) than there are slots available. In those cases, you'll need to coordinate with your opponent to move to another weekend entirely or play away at the Opponent if they've got a field for you on the scheduled date. Make use of the Field Usage link to help determine options.

TimeSlots Scheduling FAQs

Posted: Wednesday August 17th, 2016


Question or Clarifications:

Field space is a scarce commodity in San Francisco. There simply is not a sufficient number of fields in the parks to meet the demand. This website is designed to:

  • Increase the utilization rate of athletic fields for youth soccer
  • Delegate permission to change when and where a match will be played to the Home Team Staff.
  • Allow all teams and clubs to see what time slots are available.
  • Establish a priority system where clubs and teams with quantifiable reasons for field preferences are identified

What is a TimeSlot?

A TimeSlot is a reservation on a section of an athletic field for a length of time. A TimeSlot can be designated for a match or for a practice session. A TimeSlot can be on an entire field, 1/2 of a field or 1/4 of a field.

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