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Software Upgrades

Posted: Thursday January 7th, 2021 Expires: 11/1/2021


During the Shelter-in-Place order and cessation of soccer matches, the behind the scenes software for this website has been updated. The method to create static content (FAQ, help messages, Page Help, Consent agreements, etc.) has changed to a modern text editor. Unfortunately, the new editor is not completely backward compatible with the existing data. Consequently, you may encounter poorly formatted pages. As the static content is maintained by volunteers, not every page has been carefully reviewed. If you find a page that is poorly formatted (extra blank lines or missing carriage returns), PLEASE contact the to get the page looking better. Thank you.

Software Upgrades

Posted: Tuesday January 5th, 2021 Expires: 11/1/2021


During the Shelter-in-Place order and cessation of soccer matches, the behind the scenes software for this website has been updated. Invariably, there may be problems with the new backend software. And when soccer matches return, we all will be rusty with the nuances of interacting with this website. If you encounter something on the website that just does not seem "right", please contact the webmaster. The problem might be the website and not you!

Changing Club Names

Posted: Friday March 22nd, 2019 Expires: 6/15/2021


ATTENTION When a Club changes their name, the change has to be made in multiple places:

  • Every Match has two club designations: The HomeClub and a HomeTimeSlotsClub
  • Club definition in TimeSlots database
  • Client definition in the Pensra database
  • Every Team has a club designation
  • Mapping from the GotSoccer Club name to the SFTimeSlots Club name
  • GotSoccer club Name in the GotSoccer database
  • Designation of which Assignor is responsible for the club in Pensra
  • Club specific match lengths, fee schedule, referee rules in Pensra
  • Definition of ClubOfficers in SFTimeSlots
  • Definition of Client representatives in Pensra
  • Ability to limit the amount of data downloaded from GotSoccer based on Club
ALL of these have to be PERFECT in order for all the features in SF TimeSlots and Pensra to work correctly. Those clubs that have changed their name - BE AWARE that some times not all the changes are made at all the locations and some aspect of the databases will not work correctly. Watch and double check your data.

TimeSlots Scheduling FAQs

Posted: Wednesday August 17th, 2016


Question or Clarifications:

Field space is a scarce commodity in San Francisco. There simply is not a sufficient number of fields in the parks to meet the demand. This website is designed to:

  • Increase the utilization rate of athletic fields for youth soccer
  • Delegate permission to change when and where a match will be played to the Home Team Staff.
  • Allow all teams and clubs to see what time slots are available.
  • Establish a priority system where clubs and teams with quantifiable reasons for field preferences are identified

What is a TimeSlot?

A TimeSlot is a reservation on a section of an athletic field for a length of time. A TimeSlot can be designated for a match or for a practice session. A TimeSlot can be on an entire field, 1/2 of a field or 1/4 of a field.

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